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About PageRank Checker

Check the ranking of your website

Google page rank checker is used to rank the web page according to the importance of the web page. In today’s competitive world it is very important to know the ranking of your web page on Google as the ranking on the Google has a direct impact upon the traffic that hits the webpage while will impact the business directly or indirectly.

Why is it needed?

To determine the relevance and usefulness of your webpage so that when search on a search engine it will appear on the top or first page and to have an idea where your page stands in the Google search results this Google page rank checker tool can be used.

How to use this tool?

This tool is user friendly to use. You can provide up to 100 URL’s ion the space provided and it will list you the ranking of each page. You can determine the ranking of your whole website or for the particular web pages in the web site. So, find the rank of your web page with this amazing tool and optimize your website or particular webpage’s accordingly to get top rank among the Google results.


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