Attractions of Stockholm

Attractions of Stockholm
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Stockholm is world-famous for its sights, and it offers many other activities. If you’re planning a trip to a truly unique city or a business trip, Stockholm should be on your bucket list. Not only because it has been declared the healthiest city in Europe, but also because its architecture is a must-see for tourists. Both modern and medieval buildings color Stockholm’s streets. Two of its buildings and two of its sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of which is Drottningholm Palace, and the other is Skogskyrkogarden Cemetery. Well, there are plenty of other daring adventures to experience in this city!

Gamla Stan – the Old Town for others

Known as the oldest remaining downtown, the condition of the city, preserved to this day, is breathtaking. There are examples of northern German architecture and landmarks like the oldest building, Riddarholmskyrkan. Also, Stockholm Cathedral is the burial church of the Swedish monarchs. These are topped by cafés and cozy restaurants that can recreate the medieval atmosphere of the narrow, winding streets.

Kungliga nationalstadsparken

The six-mile-long green area is an attraction in Stockholm that would be the envy of many European cities. The constant flow of tourists confirms that it is one of the most visited attractions. Its population of species includes deer, rabbits, foxes, moose, rare birds, and butterflies. This famous eco-park covers an area so vast that you can walk around it all day long, almost always discovering something new. The sheep grazing in the fields, the bays, marshes, and streams are a testament to the metropolitan lifestyle. Rocky mountain peaks and unspoiled nature will fascinate hikers.

The King lives here! – aka Kungliga slottet

What if you could sleep in a different room every day for at least two years? The King of Sweden could because he owns the biggest palace in Europe – with 600 rooms. It was built in the Italian Baroque style, and in addition to the royal home, there are five museums here open to the public.

Home of Modern Art

In addition to being a jewel of Europe, the Moderna Museet is enviable for its significant contemporary collection. You’ll discover names such as Annie Lebovitz, Joan Miró, and underground artists of the 20th century. If you take the collection they own, the works of countless artists to admire are treasured, from Dalí to Picasso to Derkert.

Team building activity guide

If you’re looking to further enhance your experience as a tourist and have a weakness for a horde of medieval cafes or unspoiled greenery, Stockholm is your city. And if you’re a manager looking for the ideal team-building program, like taking your colleagues to an exciting escape room, or you would like to have fun with your friends, PanIQ Room Stockholm is the place to be!

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