How does a digital marketing agency manage when trending social media rules go wrong?

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Social media is considered the most exciting as well as the most frustrating field to work on. The digital marketing agencies constantly try using new opportunities and ideas so that they help your business grow in a better and fruitful manner. Social media is a platform which is very dynamic in nature and requires constant improvement in skills, knowledge and the abilities of the users. The users are required to make consistent efforts in the manner of attracting and bringing in the attention of the folks towards your products or brand.

The tactics used by this best digital marketing agency are undertaken to keep the world of digital marketing at par with the changing features and policies of the social media platforms. Here are the various situations when the digital marketing experts fail badly bit do their possible to get things alright.

If you have not tested for the post types for a while

When Facebook undertook its first visual based redesign, the authorities only gave the posts with images the major part of the newsfeed and the timeline space. They introduced the option of link posts which was comparatively very unattractive as well as boring. Due to this, the posts which included images got more audiences while the link posts got no traffic. However, after seeing this change, the marketers decided to shift their strategy and made sure that the posts contained visuals to seek the attention of the Facebook users.

Facebook started having larger preview of images for the link posts as well. When tested, it has been found that these posts are working well on the clients as they engage them and drive in better traffic. Apart from that, it has also ben notice that the reach of the link posts tends to grow higher compared to normal image posts. This is one of the recent changes undertaken to highlight the factor of ‘newsworthy content’.

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In order to fix and keep updated with the change, the best digital marketing agencyneeds to check the post types again. In order to meet the requirements of all types of customers, you need to make sure that the post types are mixed. All four kinds of posts- video, text, images, and the link should be sent from time to time to catch the audiences and remain active in the minds of the audiences.

If your posts are not able to engage the fans

It becomes quite difficult to sometimes understand the kind of posts which would help you to gain the attention of the audience. For running a successful business over the social media platforms, several factors are important to be taken into consideration. Instead of looking into the basic value of individual engagements, it is important to have keen look at the graphs and the numbers.  The factor of social actions should also be taken into account for a better success.

It is bad to lose customers because it requires a lot of effort and hard work to gain true and genuine customers. So, Retention of customers becomes important. Proper use of social media must be done so that you can hold back the audiences and then convert them into authentic customers for your brand and product. You need to maintain the practice of making engaging posts so that your customers do not tend to lose interest easily.

In order to fix these kinds of errors, each platform has a different kind of options:

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Tracking and following the engaged fans and follower list is important. You need to maintain a list of the people who actively get engaged in your posts. In order to motivate their presence, you can even try giving a little recognition to them or even sometimes agift card.


Thedigital marketing agencies can actually try the method of adding up everyone who engages you to any particular list. You need to make a strategy with an aim of adding up around three to five people onto that list on a daily basis. This will help you to build a stronger and more influential image of yourself which will help you in retaining back your audiences.


You can actually invite for more loyal followers over this platform for contributing secret boards and to ensure that your audiences get engaged to the recent activities which you undertake.

The process in which the entire digital marketing strategy is working over the social media platforms requires a regular reality check. It is so because it tends to bring in the true ingredients to spice up the marketing procedures which are made up keeping the target audiences into consideration. However, no matter how hard the experts of the best digital marketing agency try, the customers are always a hard nut to crack.

They always search for something new and authentic to seek their attention. So, these agencies make use of several tactics to manage the situations when the trending social media rules go wrong.

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