Make Your DigitalOcean Cloud Journey Smooth with MilesWeb

DigitalOcean Cloud Journey Smooth with MilesWeb
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DigitalOcean – isn’t a new word for those who are familiar with cloud platform. But for newbies, I would like to explain it. DigitalOcean is just a simple cheap cloud hosting service provider. It is popular for its simple setup and affordable pricing. With this platform, developers can accomplish a task such as spinning up a server (droplet) in a fraction of time as compared to other platforms.

What Do DigitalOcean Offer?

With DigitalOcean, you get two main classes of products: Droplets (compute servers), and Storage. Droplets comprise of dozens of different sizes and configurations of computer servers, from 1 CPU Droplets for $5/mo, up to 32 CPU servers that use the latest Intel chips. Storage products comprise of Spaces for object storage, and Block Storage that can be attached to your Droplets.

Additionally, DigitalOcean also offers Network services such as load balancers, firewalls, and DNS. All these products are manageable through their UI, API, CLI, or client libraries. You will surely find the right configuration for most applications, so it is important to know what separates each prior to going any further.


Basically, Droplets are also known as a scalable computer service that provides you with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities that are capable of running production applications with great ease. One of the great things about Droplets is that they are available in 8 locations globally and can be re-sized at any time. It means that you can send them across the globe easily, and also upgrade them as per your preference later on.

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It is possible to pre-build the distributions (or distros), and you have six choices, each of which comes with a detailed description prior to choosing one. Also, they can be backed up simply by clicking a box while setting it up, keeping them safe with cloud firewalls, and receiving immediate alerts if anything changes or has been altered by a team member.


Simply speaking, spaces are object storage that can be used to store and deliver data of any amount you want, to end-users and applications. Spaces are simple and cost-effective and use an easy drag-and-drop UI or API for things to work efficiently for you. Additionally, you get a 60-day free trial for testing prior to purchasing.

Features that can be expected from this product are scalable storage which ensures that your projects always have the space required to expand without limitation. It can be setup in a faster way, just takes mere seconds and it’s ready for use, and you can use Spaces as a standalone feature, in case you aren’t interested in the other services. The key features offers by it are affordability and ease of use.

Tools and Integration

DigitalOcean offers an excellent selection of tools and integrations for bringing your company closer together and also keep everything on track. With the DOCTL CLI tool, you can get better control and management of Droplets.  It is open sourced and is regularly updated for managing all your resources, reducing the amount of time you need to spend manually interacting with web-based interfaces.

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The well documented API provides flexibility in controlling your DigitalOcean infrastructure. You can do endless things by using curl commands or API wrappers. One of the best tools, the free teams feature offers the ability to work seamlessly with your entire team for sharing the access to infrastructure. This comprises of security features so that your website can stay secure while performing nay activity.

Now that you know what a DigitalOcean cloud platform offers, it’s time to know the best web hosting provider that offers you DigitalOcean managed hosting cloud services.


Founded in 2012 in India, MilesWeb stands as one of the big web hosts in the web hosting industry. They have grown big within very less time and today, have their presence globally.

Though getting popular you will find their customer service staff handling the queries of their customers in a friendly way. This is because they know customer satisfaction is the key to business growth. They cater all types of businesses with their services.

When you buy their managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting, you can just knock out the obstacles, make your cloud management easy and save your precious hours for business growth.

They offer a wide range of managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting plans as below:

MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Plans.png


Free DigitalOcean Server Migration: You can migrate from your existing DigitalOcean server to MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean Server at free of cost.

One-Click App Installation: You get a chance to install applications such as offers Docker, MySQL, Node.js, LAMP, LEMP and MongoDB with just 1-click.

Complete Management: Your complete server management is taken care of by their team of experts.

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Expert Advice: If you have confusion in selecting the plan for your website, they will help you in the process.

Optimizing: They not only deploy but optimize and enhance your server for better performance.

System Monitoring: CPU and bandwidth is monitored regularly by their team to avoid website crash during high traffic.

Server Maintenance: Daily operations and maintenance of your server is looked after by their team to ensure your server works smoothly.

Data Protection: Your website files on the server are tracked continuously to avoid any exposure to web attackers.

Regular Updates: Updates are installed regularly to keep your server’s software updated.

Security: Your server is monitored for vulnerability to keep your website away from malware, spyware or any unwanted traffic.


MilesWeb offers you all the significant features for managing your DigitalOcean cloud hosting. In case you are looking for a budget-friendly cloud hosting solution then MilesWeb DigitalOcean cloud hosting platform is the best option.

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