SEO-Friendly Hosting Features You Should Have

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SEO professionals need to worry about several things, ranging from checking robots.txt files to getting as many relevant links as possible. And it seems that every single month there is something new that has to be implemented. Since there is so much noise, it is normal to miss some things. This often includes web hosting. 

What host you choose will determine site experience consistency. And nowadays, it is more important than ever to offer the best possible visitor experience since it does impact rankings. The reasons why professionals recommend VPS hosting plans with KnownHost and similar are all connected to this experience. This is why you should always see the following SEO-friendly features from your host. 

Guaranteed High Uptime

Out of all the hosting features you want to check for SEO purposes, this is by far the most important one. Uptime practically means how much time the site is accessible and online. It has to be as high as possible so that visitors can come to your site and interact with your content. The better hosts offer much higher uptime. 

The best option for you is always a host that has a minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee. This practically means that the guarantee is your site will only be down up to 8.8 hours every year, which is perfect. 

Server Location

Server location dictates the speed at which the site is accessible to visitors. When using dedicated servers, VPS servers, or shared hosting servers, the site is physically placed on a server somewhere. The ideal option for you is a data center that is located close to the most desired site visitors. 

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An option to seriously consider is using a CDN (content delivery network). This is highly advantageous because different versions of your site will be hosted in different locations around the world. Based on where the visitor is from, the data center offering the content will be the closest one possible. 

Good Reviews

Before you choose a host that seems perfect for your needs, it is important to read online reviews. This is because there might be some problems you do not know anything about before actually hosting your site. 

Keep in mind that hosting providers often attract unhappy reviews first. This is because people naturally complain but they rarely praise a service. Take reviews with a pinch of salt but go through them since you can gain much important information that could help you make your final choice. 

Quality Support Team

Whenever you go through reviews, make sure to look at details about customer support. When there is a technical problem with the host, you want to be sure it is taken care of as fast as possible. With serious issues, you need to speak directly to a person. 

The very best host for you will always offer round the clock support. This should be a free service. Always look at operating hours and analyze the ways in which you can get in touch with the customer support department. You should be offered email, live chat, and a phone number to get in touch. 

In the digital realm’s battleground, an SEO marketing strategy emerges as the secret weapon. It’s the art of optimizing web content, keywords, and structure to defy algorithms and captivate human minds. It combines technical prowess, insightful research, and data-driven precision to propel businesses towards the coveted throne of online visibility and success.

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It is also worth looking at the social profiles. The best web hosts always care about customers and actually offer customer support through social media, usually through Twitter or/and Facebook.

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