Why SEO is such a crucial tool in the FX industry

The Advantages of White Label SEO Services
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One main disadvantage of SEO is that it has different effectiveness levels with different industries. For example, there are some sectors that are just not that great for SEO, especially if it’s dominated by large brands.

But, when it comes to finances and the like, it has been proven that SEO is crucial to a company’s survival. Well, not necessarily direct SEO, but affiliate marketing that uses the strategy as a means to an end. Let’s explain as to why SEO is so important here.


Let’s, for example, take a look at this FXTM broker review and see what exactly affiliate marketing targets during its process. We see outlines of regulation, education and all the other important aspects of the craft. However, the main chunk of the traffic does not come from direct SEO strategies, but through content marketing plans.

 According to the marketing managers of 55brokers, the majority of FX traders are complete beginners, which means that they are looking for education a lot more than direct reviews of potential brokers they could sign up with. Because of this, both the brokers and the affiliate companies try to target this very important niche.

 You will find that most FX blogs have an education section that is riddled with keywords and all of the go-to SEO stuff. That is usually how SEO contributes to the FX market. Helping beginners find the correct information and then diverting them to a client company, or by directly providing the info as a Forex broker.

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SEO may be the only marketing tool

Forex trading is quite a delicate subject in many countries, which prevents companies from fully taking advantage of the media at their disposal. For example, many European countries would prohibit things like targeted ads, banner ads, billboards or any traditional marketing methods you could imagine. This is because there’s always a risk factor when trading FX and the governments would rather avoid bankrupt citizens.

 Because of this, brokers like cmtrading are forced to derive around 60-80% of their traffic from Google searches. This forces them to invest heavily in this department thus making their content almost impeccable and stiffening the competition for any newcomers.

 Regardless though, no matter how many FX companies are created, they will always require some SEO assistance and service. And with Google’s updates rolling out in the near future, the ones with the best content will soon start dominating the rankings, thus introducing completely new challenges to traditional SEO specialists.

 Keyword density may soon be out of the window, and content quality may become the new norm.

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