Top 7 eCommerce Web Development Trends for 2022

eCommerce Web Development Trends
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2022 is surely a year for the e-commerce business. Many consumers use Ecommerce websites to order or buy products. And this trend can go on increasing more year by year. However, the more popular it goes, the more competition it gets with the customers. To be competitive, one should follow every ecommerce trend. For making your job easy, here in the article, we discussed top e-commerce web development trends for 2022. Have a look at them.

1. Dark Mode

Regular is boring for people, which made dark mode a new fashion on e-commerce websites. The dark mode is quite trending these days as it works well with OLED screens. As we all know that mobile commerce is blooming, and this trend is here to stay for the long run. It even offers eye-catching and eye-friendly designs for the brand. With this, you could highlight the crucial elements on the site which offer a creative edge over the competitors.

2. Minimal design

Less is more than enough now. Yes, it’s true. Simple and minimalistic design lets consumers discover the

products easily. Minimalistic websites could even load quickly. Many users have no patience to wait for hours to see till the website loads. So, a simple design layout should be considered. This simple website development is mainly important for small firms to attract high traffic without taking more money from your pocket. Consult a Shopify Agency to get your website a professional website load optimization and attractive website design by the hands of Shopify experts.

3. Personalized content

Many sites are displaying custom-made and crafted content depending on the last purchase and location of the customers. Using big data made innovation feasible. These sites utilize your map and geo location and your preferences to show the products as per it. These features maximize consumer satisfaction and decrease efforts to search for products they like.

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Rather than your consumers thinking about what they need, their products will be placed before them via customized content. You could even filter your preferences using many options on e-commerce websites. Such filters & options made you choose the products of certain materials, ranges, and more.

4. Chatbots

In 2022, people were embracing chatbot trends in eCommerce web development. Chatbots are very helpful features, especially for eCommerce businesses. These automate human-to-human engagements. It makes consumers interact with the chatbots on the eCommerce website for many services conveniently and rapidly. Many times custom support turns out to be the best remedy for building consumer loyalty and attracting new consumers. With these artificial intelligence-based chatbots, any business could offer effective bad powerful customer support ever. Hire a Shopify plus agency to develop a feature-rich site that has a creative chatbot.

5. AR & VR

VR or artificial intelligence eliminates lots of hurdles arising over online shopping. That made this a big trend in the eCommerce industry. While previewing or experiencing products way before you buy them, AR plays a vital role in it. Having a sort of visualization makes consumers determine if a certain product meets their needs.

Websites that are providing eCommerce platforms with AR are most likely to enlarge the horizon of the market. Many businesses already testified about VR experiences. For example, look at Airbnb or IKEA which show you the services. These kinds of content are pretty engaging which helps visitors agree upon whether to buy or not.

6. Voice Search

Voice search is not a new trend it’s been freeing along the market since 2011. Over 30% of the searches are done by voice search. That made gadgets such as google home and Alexa a significant part of the officers and homes today. The Voice search option turned out to be a convenient one.

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As these can save time, execute quickly, and response is instant, adapting voice search in your Shopify web development is a good choice. It offers better traffic and better visibility.

7. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation lets e-commerce brands attract consumers easily to the webpage. How? They have powerful tools such as the sales force. These tools could digitize the whole sales process. And can also attract many customers to its site with verified and beneficial online techniques. Rather than aimlessly targeting people, you could arrange the marketing campaigns depending on the customer’s behavior. Marketing automation is improving several e-commerce business efficiencies and is going to attract more mainstream adoption in 2022.


There are several aspects to think about while developing an e-commerce site that is consistent with the contemporary market trends along with web development practices. A Shopify agency is focused on creating best-in-class e-commerce websites. After understanding the present online retail landscape they come up with outstanding e-commerce sites that rank for conversion, performance, consumer retention, and more. Hire an expert Shopify plus agency today and take a big leap forward to develop the finest e-commerce business.

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