How does Node.js help you create a feature-rich website?

Benefits of website development with Node.js
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The main advantages of using Node.js for creating websites. Which companies have already seen this? Who will help you create a good website?

Benefits of website development with Node.js

Node.js is a framework that transforms the JavaScript programming language into a general-purpose language. Thanks to this framework, the JavaScript programming language works in sync with I/O devices using external libraries created using other programming languages. Websites built with Node.js have almost unlimited possibilities in loading and processing data and can also have multi-million user audiences.

The essence and benefits of using Node.js

This server system runs on the V8 “engine” – Google Chrome, which can convert JavaScript programming language code into machine code. This server uses an event-driven model and a non-blocking entry-exit structure, which allows it to be efficient and take up little space.

Thanks to the use of this framework when creating websites, you will receive a number of the following advantages:

  • fast site development speed;
  • solution of all assigned tasks for the full functioning of the platform;
  • instant access for the user at the entrance;
  • the ability to have and store massive databases;
  • simple and accessible site structure;
  • support for the most significant web servers (Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft);
  • introduction of the latest technologies for the performance of the site;
  • the ability to automatically change the scale within the server;
  • your site will be unique thanks to the various technological features of Node.js;
  • the presence of inconsistencies between individual modules within the platform operation is excluded;
  • stability and reliability – repulsion of external third-party “attacks” on the server;
  • the ability to process vast amounts of information without reducing the speed when the amount of data increases.

This whole range of advantages attracted the attention of many large sites, which at one time faced many problems related to the speed of data processing and their volume, with a sharp increase in the number of users and slow site operation with increasing load.

Node.js based platforms

Given the number of advantages of Node.js, sites that have dramatically increased the number of users and the amount of information processed quickly have decided to use this framework.

Below are examples of large servers that have decided to turn to Node.js for help.


This server is a significant provider of content (text and image files, video and sound information, etc.) and has an audience of over 90 million people. User growth has led to slow loading and stuttering, so after implementing this framework, all problems disappeared.


This world-famous organization had to adopt Node.js due to inefficient data storage and login lag. NASA decided to put all its information in “cloud storage,” which speeded up access to the database.


It is a popular server for calling and paying for a taxi and food delivery. This service allows you to make a car reservation and monitor its movement.

With a dramatic increase in the number of users, creating a structure in real-time became necessary. Building a “data warehouse” was essential to process any requests to allow the system to function smoothly.


One of the most popular servers allows you to make various purchases with discount offers from Groupon. Their database has over 39 million users. When the number of downloads grew to 200 million, Groupon had a scalability problem, which was solved by the Node.js system. The result was more than 3,300 services running smoothly, and download speeds increased by 50%. This payment service can be used not only by large companies but also by individuals.


A well-known Internet search engine consists not only of search but also has e-mail and other services. Yahoo has a long history of collaborating with Node.js implementations on its servers.


This server has over 200 million accounts and is the leading online transfer and payment leader. Due to the low performance associated with many users, we had to implement the technologies of this framework. As a result, the server load speed and the number of simultaneous requests per second increased.

Do you want to create a multi-functional website?

As a rule, large corporations and companies need a website (platform) to sell their products or services. But the more significant the company and its range of tasks, the more complex the structure of the platform, which must uninterruptedly perform an extensive range of functions, while “adjusting” to the increase in benefits accounts and databases.

All these problems can be solved by SECLgroup, having many years of experience in this field (more than 15 years). This company has a qualified staff of specialists (more than 60 employees) who can approach each task individually, depending on its function.

The sites they created are multifunctional and able to cope with a large amount of information, allowing them to have a multi-million audience of users.

Inconsistencies within the finished platform are excluded due to preliminary testing before launching the site.

SECL GROUP has extensive development experience in many areas: trade, publishing, entertainment, telecommunications, construction, media, automotive, food, medicine, service industry, and more.

Companies from 24 countries around the world turned to them for help. Here are a few companies that turned to them for development:

  • PepsiCo is a well-known food and beverage manufacturer in America;
  • Recipe Plus – wholesale trade in medicinal products in Latvia;
  • ICFER Media Group is an international publishing house with more than 100 magazines and websites;
  • Thomas Cook Group (England) is one of the largest travel companies in the world.

And this list can be continued with the names of many large corporations. With the help of SECLgroup, the tasks of your platforms will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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