Pay per Click – What It Is and What It Is Not

Pay per Click
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What is PPC?

PPC has emerged as one of the utmost effective ways to attain the highest search engine rankings. The concept is simple: Promoters pay, or bid for the placement of each keyword or search phrase. PPC advertisements are often listed above typical free search results and are entitled as “Sponsored Sites”.

How PPC Cost is calculated?

  • The cost of PPC depends on the product being offered. The more popular the keyword or keyword phrase, the higher the price. Advertisers pay only when their search results are clicked. Most vendors balance the advertisement click-through rate (CTR) with the amount advertisers are willing to pay for a keyword or keyword phrase.
  • PPC is adaptable in terms of the efficiency and productivity of a keyword or keyword phrase. Because most PPC services offer immediate placement or placement within a week, the efficiency of the words chosen can be measure tangibly almost immediately. Words or phrases that are ineffective can be altered or changed as part of the process.

Optimizing Budget and Keyword Match Type:

  • Many PPC vendors allow budget and automatic bid set-up. This allows an organization to calculate the amount of clicks they are willing to pay for and when that threshold is reached, the advertisement can be automatically brought down. For instance, anpublicist might have a daily budget of Rs 2000 and upon reaching that threshold; the advertisement is brought down until the next day or until the advertiser changes the terms of the agreement for budget thresholds.
  • Like keywords, PPC is heavily dependent on the preference of the user. An organization should place a premium on the customer and their motivation and keep their PPC phrases or advertisements to a list that describes the product or service. They should avoid keyword matches that are too broad, items that are not available or information that is not available on their website.
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What it is NOT

  • PPC is not a solution for online searches. Merely bidding on a keyword is not going to guarantee results or sales, depending on the words selected and their relevancy to the product or service. The PPC choices have to not only cover the interest of the consumer, they also have to appeal to the consumer’s ability to associate the product or service with a positive image.
  • For instance, a product might have an appeal that is based on its perception, but its everyday realistic impact might be something that turns a consumer off. In fact, depending on the product, some advertising appeals that would garner interest and high search rankings might also kill sales. A good example of this is the marketing of a tank or toy soldiers.
  • Virtually every male child has at one point, owned a tank or toy soldiers. The child uses those toys to fight the “bad guys” and defeat the “enemy”, which is always someone or some group that beckons for comeuppance and defeat. Marketing that aspect of the product, emphasizing fighting for the good guys is a great marketing strategy.
  • On the other hand, tanks and soldiers have also destroyed countries, wrecked lives and caused the deaths of millions. Emphasizing that aspect of tanks or soldiers would likely garner a high rate of search results, but sales would be negatively affected. Thus, when choosing a PPC strategy, make sure that the choices made appeal to the consumer’s interest, but in a way that promotes use of the product or service.
  • PPC is also not a guaranteed link to sales. Often, if the consumer is researching a product, the advertising will only pay off if they meet the demands of the consumer in terms of price, delivery costs and timetables and the availability of the product. In terms of an ROI, PPC is hard to gauge because the impact of a web link or search result varies from consumer to consumer and might or might not be the impetus the consumer uses to select a particular product or service.
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