How Small Hosting Companies are More Profitable For Your Business

Small Hosting Companies
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No matter if a web hosting company is small or large. You need to choose the best web host who provides quality hosting service and can be more profitable for your business.

There are hundreds of small and large web hosting companies in the market. Regardless of popularity, all web hosting companies provide the same service.

But, some small hosting companies can be more profitable for your business website. Moreover, a small web hosting company offers the cheapest hosting plan with all hosting features.

To get all the best advantages of web best usa hosting, you need to find the right web host. So let’s understand the most significant features you need to look for in a web host.

Best Small Hosting Companies are More Profitable For Your Business

A web hosting plan can vary in pricing as well as the hosting features. If a small web hosting companies offers below features, then definitely it can be more profitable for your business.

1. Amount of Storage and Bandwidth:

Numerous hosts offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth.These two functions are a major factor when choosing a web hosting service.

Find out the web host that offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth. But, if you choose a limited plan that will affect the performance of your website.

DomainRacer offers unlimited SSD storage space and bandwidth.  With SSD storage space, you can enjoy faster loading speed websites.

2. Satisfactory Security Options:

Every website needs security, while there are many steps you can take to make your websites secure and protect from hackers.

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One of the best ways to secure your website is choosing cheapest hosting India that includes security features and SSL certificates as part of their plans.

DomainRacer offers top security software and free SSL certificate. The company offers many security features such as ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, and Firewall.

3. Backup Website:

Make sure your web hosting providers provide website backup service and ensure that they are backing up your website regularly.

DomainRaceroffers a free website backup service with all hosting plans so you can restore if in case of loss of your site data. They also offer a free website builder, free SSL and free website migration.

4. They Guarantee at Least 99% Uptime:

Look for a web host who guarantees 99% or more server uptime. Also, make sure the server has multiple data locations.

DomainRacer guarantees 99.99% server uptime and their data center locations are in India, US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore etc.

5. 24/7 Support:

Make sure what type of support web hosting companies provide their customers. Also, look for providers that provide 24/7 free phone support, live chat and email.

DomainRacer offers a number of ways you can get in touch, so you can choose between a phone call, email, live chat, ticket system, or WhatsApp.

6. Price:

Nowadays, a lot of web hosting companies offer the cheapest hosting plan. Cheapest shared web hosting plans start at less than $2 a month. But, you should always choose a web hosting plan that includes essential hosting features.

DomainRacer offers the cheapest hosting plan that includes so many additional features. Cheapest shared hosting plan start is just at $0.99/month.

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Different Type of Web Hosting for Small Business Website

Today, you can choose among different types of web hosting services to meet specific business needs.Choose one web hosting service that is perfect for your business website.

There are different types of web hosting service such as Shared, VPS, dedicated server hosting and best reseller hosting USA price cost. The differences are in the details given below.

  1. Share Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting

Today, you’re looking for a hosting package that offers the best hosting feature right now. We recommend DomainRacer web host, one of the cheapest and great hosting providers.

Surely, DomainRacer’s hosting package can be more profitable for your business because they provide free SSL lifetime, free website builder, free site backup and top security tools. This feature, not all web hosts offer.


We hope this article helped you understand what features provide small or large web hosting companies and enables you to make an informed decision.

When you look at web hosting plan profitability, shared hosting and VPS plans cost less than dedicated hosting plans. So, choose one web hosting plan among shared hosting and VPS hosting.

DomainRacer offers very affordable and quality hosting services. When you sign up their hosting package you get all hosting features that are mostly available in premium hosting packages.

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