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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker

Measure the website performance by knowing their Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank Checker is an online tool used for checking the Alexa rank easily. One can analyze the website performance and current status using this tool. Digital Marketers often use it as a custom deliverable report for clients. Perhaps, it is the fastest and easiest method concurrently to know about Alex Ranking.

What is an Alexa Rank?

It is important to have some of the statistical data if you want to compare the performance of two websites. Alexa rank is metric that illustrate the website performance. Perhaps, it will answer the question of how a website is doing. It is important for the Digital marketers as well as website owner to know the website performance. You can also use it to find out the performance of your competitor’s website.

Factors determining Alexa rank

Though there are various factors that influence Alexa Rank but it is largely influenced by the page visits. In fact, Alexa Rank is a combination of such factors. The average daily unique visitors, total page views in three months and many other factors contribute to building Alexa Rank of a website. It collects the data from a sub-category of internet users by using various browser extensions for all the popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

What exactly it means?

People widely accept that Alexa Rank depicts a rough connection with the traffic. It is especially for well-established websites that receive visitors over a particular amount. It is a milestone for most of the websites or blogs to reach 100,000 Alexa rank. Alexa rank works better for the websites over that much traffic. It displays a very rough estimate for the websites with below that much traffic.

However, digital marketers or Web site owners with more reliable web analytic data like Google Analytics usually don’t prefer Alexa Rank. Now the question that might have sparked in your mind is about the precision and reliability of Alexa rank. One should not rely on it completely if the website doesn’t touch the 100000 mark. It simply couldn’t gather data from every user. Still, it’s a decent way to know about the performance of the Website.

Why use mySEOtree Alexa Rank Checker?

mySEOtree Alexa Rank Checker is known for instant and precise results. With its user-friendly interface, checking the Alexa Rank becomes as easy as a sleepwalk. It is free and you can use it for unlimited times. Unlike other Alexa Rank Checkers, we don’t compel you to go through the lengthy processes of registration or subscription. Moreover, you can check the Alexa Rank of many URL concurrently.

How to use mySEOtree Alexa Rank Checker?

Using mySEOtree Alexa Rank Checker is easy. On the Webpage of Alexa Rank Checker, you will find a box asking for entering the URL. You have to put the link to the website you want to check on it. Finally, click on the Submit button present under the checkbox. In no time, the Alexa Rank along with other details will at your screen.