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About Mozrank Checker

mySEOtree offers Mozrank Checker as one of its SEO tools. As the name suggests, this tool can check the Mozrank score of any website. You can use it for analyzing your website growth or for reporting a client about the growth.

Mozrank in brief

Developed by SEOMoz, Mozrank measure the popularity of the link. It is a metric from Moz’s SEO tools. It is similar to Google’s Classic PageRank algorithm. It rates the websites between 0 and 10 Obviously, 0 is the lowest, while 10 is the highest score. The Mozrank value goes high to the websites with many backlinks. As a matter of fact, it denotes a kind of raw link equity of a Web page.

Understanding the score

Mozrank is pretty similar to Google’s PageRank in terms of score calculation. A website gets scores on a logarithmic scale between 0 to 10. It is easy for the Website owner and Digital marketer to increase from lower Mozrank score below four. While improving from higher Mozrank score above seven is like cracking a hard nut.

A usual Web page has a tiny fraction of Mozrank. Therefore, if your Webpage has more than 1 or 2 Mozrank scores, then most likely your website has some links pointing it. If your Website is new, then it is a good. Most of the websites have under four Mozrank.

What is an ideal Mozrank?

One cannot say a particular Mozrank score good or bad without observing the website. It can be different for different Websites in different conditions. Usually, higher Mozrank score means a Website with lots of links pointing to it. Such Websites will gain high Search Engine Rankings.

How can you improve it?

You can improve the Mozrank of your website by various methods. The first method for improving Mozrank is through creating internal links. The second method is through gaining external links from Websites with higher Mozrank. Among these two, internal links creation is more efficient way of improving Mozrank. It will also boost the SERPs in search engines. Also, it will boost other link metrics like Page Authority and Domain Authority.

How to use mySEOtree Mozrank Checker?

Using mySEOtree Mozrank Checker is pretty simple and straightforward. At first, you have to open the Mozrank Checker page. Afterward, you will find a box asking for URL. Now, enter the URL and click on the submit button located right under the URL box. In no time, you will get the Mozrank score of the website you entered.

Why consider mySEOtree Mozrank Checker?

There are lots of reasons why you should prefer mySEOtree Mozrank Checker over other Mozrank Checkers available online. The first and foremost reason is you don’t have to pay a single penny for using it. Unlike others, it doesn’t ask you to go through any registration process or subscribing to the newsletter. Also, you don’t have to go through hectic CAPTCHAs for using it. Last but not the least, it provides instant, reliable, and precise results.