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Google Malware Checker Tool

Sometimes harmful malicious software enters your computer which is intended to damage your system or files, this software is known as malware. Security is also major aspect when dealing with some data online or visiting a website. A website with attack of malware on it can potentially ruin the business stealing consumer data, financial threats, or can inflict virus in your system whenever you visit the respective URL. Google Malware checker is a tool which serves the purpose of checking a URL for possible threats. It monitors the website with the historical record from the past 3 months and provides its diagnosis whether website is safe to browse or not.

How this tool works?

Google Malware Checker has a text box provided where you have to enter the URL of the webpage you want to diagnose for possible threats and by clicking on check it will take you to Googles safe browsing diagnosing page, then based on the historical data from past 30 days a report gets generating which details about whether the URL is suspicious of malware or is safe.