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We would like you to go through our Policy carefully. You are free to contact us regarding any query arises while going through this privacy policy. We may modify it from time to time for making it friendlier for the interests of users as well as the company. You may get the notification on mySEOtree regarding the update of the policy.

Personal Information collection

We collect some personal information about the visitors using our tools to give them a better service. Though most of our services are free to use and don’t require any kind of registration, but for using some of our services, one needs to go through the registration process. One has to provide some personal details like name, email, phone number, credit card information and so on. Apparently, a visitor also agrees to the collection, use, and disclosure of such information.

The utilization of personal information

The purpose of any kind of personal information collected and stored is only for purposes of billing and enhancing our services. We value your privacy and so we will not share it any other third party except our trusted business partners. We will only share it with our trusted business partners for optimizing our products and for other tasks related to mySEOtree. We strictly restrict them to use it for purposes apart from that.

However, we might disclose the information without your consent or prior notice in following cases

  • If it requires for good motives.

  • If it is important for protecting our property and rights.

  • For obeying any legal hearing or judicial order.


Direct Emails

You might receive direct emails regarding important news, new products and services and updates. You can also choose not to receive such emails through the unsubscribe button present in the email.

Log files

When you browse our Website, our internet servers record specific information that your internet browser sends or request while browsing our Website. Such information includes Internet protocol (IP), language, browser information, time zone, etc. It is only to serve you the Website in a better way.

Third-party Advertisements

You may find advertisements from third-party Websites. We try to place only genuine Advertisements on our Website. Still, we don’t take any liability for any offers from them. You have to proceed with them according to your understanding.

Usual Internet user privacy

We might place temporary cookies periodically for gathering statistical data of our users. These cookies are incapable of activities like tracking and transferring any confidential personal information. The purpose of these cookies is to give you the best possible experience on our Website.

Occasionally, we might enable cookies from our trusted partners or third parties. It is for collection anonymous and non-personal information from users. We only partner with businesses that values online privacy assured us that data gathered is not personal and identifiable information from users. We strictly oppose the practices of collecting or storing any kind of personal data from users.

Other Websites

mySEOtree contains links to other Websites that are not operated by us. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the privacy practices followed by them. It will be better for users to go through their privacy policies before using them.