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Measure the statistical power of a domain

The arena of Internet has countless websites. Some are at the top while most of them are striving to be at the top in their respective field. Now, you might be wondering that how to figure out the exact present statistical reputation of a website. Whether you are planning to buy the website or marketing, but it is important for you to know the Statistical reputation. It is where mySEOtree Domain authority checker enters the picture.

mySEOtree Domain authority checker

The mySEOtree domain authority checker let you know the domain authority of the entire website. This tool measures the metrics available on the Internet. It uses various criteria to judge it precisely. After a thorough analysis, it gives the result in a statistical number i.e. from zero to hundred. It has linked with a famous SEO company known as SEOmoz or Moz. It also takes the assistance of Moz for concluding the domain rank in search engines result. Now, you might be wondering that what is the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority.

The difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Before you head for knowing the Domain authority, it is important to know the difference between domain authority and page authority.  In Domain authority, you will get the score of the entire website. Whereas, in the page authority, you will get the score of a particular page.

How can you increase Domain Authority?

Most of the website owner often search for increasing Domain authority, as it can bring a revolutionary change to the revenue of the Website. The On-site aspects play a crucial role in the domain authority as well as websites ranking. Therefore, you should work on onsite optimization and on-page SEO. However, you must take the user-experience seriously. You can also increase domain authority by adding engaging and high-quality content to your website. Nowadays, social media is a new rage. Therefore, you should also work on increasing brand awareness and exposure on social media.

What makes mySEOtree domain authority checker the best?

When comes to quality domain authority checker, then mySEOtree enters the picture. Not only, it is reliable and fast, but also it is free of cost. Yes, you read it right. Also, you can check up to twenty domains at one go. Unlike other domain authority checkers, you don’t have to spend a single penny in using this tool. Moreover, we don’t ask for going through any registration process. Unlike others, we also don’t ask for your email address to spam you.

How can you use mySEOtree domain authority checker?

Using our domain authority checker is easy as a cakewalk. You have to Enter the domain to the box titled as “domain authority checker” and click on the submit button below. After waiting for a while, the results will appear on the screen. The best part is you can check twenty domains concurrently. All you have to do is to Enter the links in separate lines in the domain authority checker box.