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What is Backlinking?

Backlinking the procedure of integrating links to other websites in the content. In the past, it played a major role in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, it still plays a significant role, though the effectiveness has slightly gone down. One can get his web page to rank higher in the search engines by including lots of backlinks. This method is still pretty much effective and popular.

How do mySEOtree Backlink Checker works?

The mySEOtree Backlink Checker runs a series of tests to find out the backlinks pointing towards the website having links. You can use it to determine the backlinks of your website as well as your competitor website. It also displays additional information that includes page rankings of the backlink sources, anchor text used, possible flags, warnings for poor backlinking of every single link you enter.

Search engine preference for backlinks

Well, backlinking is an important aspect of SEO. For achieving higher ranks in search engines, you should use this method. Now, if you are a newbie, then it might seem that you will get higher ranks if you have more inbound links. It is always good to have more and more inbound links. It works in the same fashion, but not exactly. A few years ago, it used to work in the same manner, but things have changed now. Search engines, especially Google are now preferring quality over the quantity. It is now awarding higher ranks to the websites with quality backlinks over the website with several poor backlinks.

What not to do in Backlinking?

Many Digital marketers and website owners try to trick the search engine system by using a large number of paid backlinks. Usually, they buy poor quality backlinks at throw away prices. However, they often get detected and penalized by the Google for such unethical methodologies. As Google favor natural links so paid low-quality links might damage you more than it benefits you. In fact, you should prefer four quality backlinks over forty low-quality backlinks.

Analyzing your results

mySEOtree Backlink Checker tool will help you to know everything about your backlinks. It is a fast and reliable way to find out the total number of backlinks for your website. Additionally, you can also navigate to the pages for further inquiry.

How to use mySEOtree Backlink Checker?

It is pretty simple to use mySEOtree Backlink Checker. The user-friendly interface will let you figure out the backlink without going deep into the technicalities. All you have to do is open this page, enter the URL of the website you want to check. Finally, click on the Submit button. In no time, you will find the results on your screen.

Why prefer mySEOtree Backlink Checker?

The first and foremost reason to prefer mySEOtree Backlink Checker is it's completely free to use. You don’t have to even register yourself for using this tool. Unlike other Backlink Checkers, it displays accurate results in the shortest possible time. Moreover, you can use it to check the backlinks of your website as well as your competitor website for as many times as you want.