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Analyze all the hyperlinks with ease

Now you can analyze all the links in your webpage with this link analyzer tool very easily. It enables you to analyze internal as well as the external links. This tool analyzes the web page for all the links and returns a table with links and their anchored text as well. It checks the total number of the links on your web page both internal as well as external, provides the link type, anchor type, number of links which are duplicate, lists the links with empty anchors, and also provides the links with no follow up links so that you can optimize your web page according to the details you get.

How to use this tool?

It is very simple and user friendly tool to use. You have to simply enter the URL you want to analyze and this link analyzer tool will automatically analyze all the links in the URL specified. However it can analyze one URLL at one time only, whether it’s a webpage or the whole website. So, analyze all the links on your webpage to conduct an audit of your website and accordingly make changes to the bad hyperlinks with this most reliable tool.