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About Server Status Checker

Check Server Status Tool

Sometimes the Website doesn’t responds well to the request in such case you have to check whether the websites server is working fine or not. Check server status is a wonderful tool which is used to check the server status to find any issues in the website.  There can be large number of the issues with the server which prevent from getting the required response from the server. This tool is very efficient and easy to use with very simple interface. One of the best things about this tool is that at single time you can add up to 10 URLs and Check server status will check the status of each of the URL’s.

How the tool can used?

This is an online free tool and is very simple to use. The user only needs to add the URLs of the websites the status of which need to be monitored and then click on Check Now. The tool will check the server status itself and will return the respective server statuses for the websites.