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About AVG Antivirus Checker

Don’t let the viruses degrade the performance of your website

With users exposed to the internet, every website has thousands of users visiting the website every day, so the risk of website exposed to the viruses also increases. When the users visit this website these harmful viruses can penetrate into the system. So, it becomes very important to keep a health check of the website regularly to keep the overall health of the website good and to protect the website from any harmful viruses. AVG Antivirus checking tool is one of the best tools that serves all the above purposes, helping to maintain good health of the website. It is a free tool to scan the website for different viruses and report if any issue is encountered

How to use this tool?

AVG Antivirus checking tool is very easy to use with user-friendly interface. You can simply add the URL of your website in the space provided and click on the check button. You can add up to 20 URL’s at the same time. Within few minutes the tool will automatically generate the report listing the status of the website along with the domain name.

So, use our AVG Antivirus checking tool and don’t let the virus affect the ranking of your website.