What’s AdSpyglass Media Kit constructor?

What's AdSpyglass Media Kit constructor

AdSpyglass, a well-known advertising technology platform with huge experience in marketing, has introduced a revolutionary platform which rethinks the understanding of moneymaking direct traffic selling.

Let us see what jobs this product can deal with, research its performance and distinctive features, and explore who’ll reap the most applying the AdSpyglass Media Kit generator.

That is not a mystery that the capacity to offer your traffic directly and at a high price has a substantial influence on your web site profit. Although not every webmaster realizes how to put it in the real world. That review will show the advantages of executing a groundbreaking advertising feature to enhance your site income-generating ability.

What is a Media kit, and what are its benefits?

The notion of marketing media or press kit

A media kit (or press kit) is a designated place on your web site dedicated to statistics based on which advertisement seekers assess your website capacities.

Media Kit provides main details about the website traffic and its scope. One of the most important goals of a media kit is to reassure prospective ad buyers that the traffic source will offer the expected approach to get to the target audience. So, this is the information hub that sells your advertisement spots right.

Just recently, Media kits used to be the benefit of website holding groups and massive sites. But today, AdSpyglass recreates this fact enabling every site owner to make the most of their own media kit which may be installed at any website notwithstanding of its caliber.

Pluses about a press kit for your resource

A growing number of webmasters concur that a media kit becomes a vital component for every single source.

  • A press kit will assist your website positively stand out from rivals and present you’re absolutely prepared to partner with advertising buyers and direct advertisers.
  • Kit includes nuances about advertising formats, visitors, geos, and user technologies, letting advertisers make the right conclusion.
  • Your media kit is transparent evidence that your website has everything set up to begin selling direct traffic.
  • This is a great way of conserving time when you’re providing potential clients with your traffic specifications. As an alternative to dull discussions and day-to-day requests, they’ll acquire an extensive big picture on a single webpage.

This digest of advantages shows that each and every point vastly enhances your chances of getting direct ad buyers. Using a media kit, small web sites will enjoy direct selling advantages, exactly like big holdings.

Pluses about a press kit for your resource

The best way to create a media kit using the AdSpyglass platform

The AdSpyglass staff has achieved giving its publishers the most amazing set of products that are needed to make a media kit that will robustly market their visitors. In addition to that, the solution gives you the ability to get your personal media kit and simplify and increase your direct advertisement space selling. So what is behind the technology?

A straightforward instruction to implementing a press kit to Your Website by AdSpyglass

  1. The first step is to become a registered user of the service. To learn all details, go to the AdSpyglass Media Kit landing page. It lists all the features of the product. It will take you a few minutes to sign up and create an account.
  2. The second move is the setup process. It’s needed to adhere to a customer care live chat to do everything without time waste if you require any assistance. This phase will enable your access to site settings, enabling you to begin making a Media Kit.
  3. Just when you finish your Media Kit construction, you might incorporate a branded image logo to accomplish the desired appearance.
  4. Your Media Kit ought to be made shown to your website visitors. It’s recommended to add a URL to your site. There’s also a way to add a hyperlink to divert a visitor directly to a designated site page.
  5. Well done! Be ready to get a stream of advertising queries and deal with them in almost no time. Also, the AdSpyglass account can allow you to market and divide your visitors in accordance with advertisers’ targetings.

What’s the most important advantage of a media kit made by AdSpyglass?

Since it’s been clarified, the AdSpyglass Media Kit won’t just give rise to the visual look of your website. Its function is a lot wider and much more meaningful. The essential aspect will be to optimize your website to a powerful and traffic-manageable platform.

media kit made by AdSpyglass

Direct dealing with advertisers through AdSpyglass

When you finish developing and set up your media kit, then you better begin utilizing AdSpyglass as an Ads Manager and get immediate benefits in the matter of growing interest on your website.

Media kit technology

That’s not needed to have a robust technical background to add this feature to your site in the right way. AdSpyglass produced a ready-to-go tool which may be used by every webmaster – pre-built media kit forms which are working with all devices. The programmer made a distinctive emphasis on the best methods of UX and UI.

Traffic Distribution System

In addition, media kit chief functions, there’s also a fully-fledged platform for direct and effective dealing with advertisers.

You are free to fully manage traffic and gain access to detailed data on your website functionality. It’s the ideal instrument to tailor your website’s ability to fulfill the individual requirements of each ad buyer.

This simple solution will efficiently deal with the data, reports, and charging allowing you to conserve a good deal of time.

AdSpyglass will manage these vital procedures and make them a lot more successful.



Technology is quickly growing. And it’s essential for your site to keep up with all these new things and innovations.

A press kit is an exciting component to be evaluated now to remain competitive in the marketplace. It’s of course actively used by large-scale businesses. But now, the AdSpyglass creators have gone farther and made this technology available to small and medium-size webmasters. The platform generates one-of-its-kind conditions for having a media kit, consequently enhancing the website’s position. You get just the best shot to draw ad buyers and cooperate with them directly.

It’s the ideal time to try working with media kit technologies. Start figuring out its abilities with AdSpyglass now and revel in the outcome which won’t take very long to come.

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