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About Keyword Density Checker

Check the frequency of the words on your web page

For optimization of the search engine results the contents of the webpage or website makes a lot of difference. The word density of the words used on the page affects the search results for that web page. Keyword density checker helps you to analyze the frequency of the keywords used on the web page. This tool ensures that there is no over or under optimization on your web page making sure that the keyword density is between 2-3 %. It even helps you to analyze if the particular writer for your website is not writing with the excessive use of the repeated keywords.

How to use this tool?

The Keyword density checker tool is very simple to use, you have to enter the URL of the website and give the number of the keywords to display in results and it will provide the count as well as the keyword density of the words being used on the website. So, use this tool to enter the competitive world by investing in a proper strategy.