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Website Speed Checker

The time user has to wait for a particular page to get loaded can be really irritating from the user end and if this time is too high it can adversely affect the business of that particular website as the users are more likely to switch to some other website.

Website speed checker is a tool specially designed to monitor the loading speed of the pages of a website. With this tool you can monitor the performance and up time of your website, which results in better end user interactions. This tool helps you to identify whether your website is to slow or too fast to respond and what could be the possible cause of such an interactions with possible suggestions to overcome the issue. This tool is really helpful for the webmasters to monitor their work. This tool monitors all the aspects of the webpage to identify the possible performance bottlenecks.

How it can be used?

All you have to do is to enter the URL in the text box provided and click on Check. Website speed checker will then check the load time and other aspects itself.