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About www Redirect Checker

A handy tool to track the redirects

Often you want to check for the redirection of your URL’s because a wrong configuring of the redirects will redirect the traffic wrongly resulting in a huge lose. So, it is very important that all the traffic gets redirected to the correct redirect set ups. If the proper redirects are not set up then it impacts the ranking of the web pages adversely.

Redirect Checker tool helps you to identify whether the page is redirected correctly or not. After checking it will display the redirected URL as well as the HTTPS code status after the redirection so that you will have a clear idea whether the redirection is correct or not.

How to use this tool?

This redirect checker tool is very easy to use, you just have to enter the URL and it will automatically trace the URL for any redirects and if there are any redirects it will show the results immediately with all the details of URL as well as the Redirected URL.

So, with this tool you can easily check whether your domain redirects to the right domain and to figure out how many redirects a particular website is using.