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About Online Ping Website Tool

Ping the traffic to your web page

To ensure that your web page gets the maximum exposure that will result in optimizing its ranking in the search engine results online ping website tool can be used. This tool helps to ping the traffic on the webpage on daily basis and frequently. It helps to index the fresh content used on your website quickly and regularly. This tool also helps to analyze how much time the website takes when pinged and provides the server response time to that ping too. It gives the website loading time too because this parameter also affects the ranking of the website and also the overall business. Moreover, sometimes new categories or sub-categories are added to the particular web pages of your website, so as to check the load time for those particular pages this tool is again very helpful.

How to use the tool?

Online Ping website tool is further very easy to use all you have to do is to provide the old URL of the blog and the new updated URL along with other details and this tool will do the rest of the things by pinging the traffic to the website through different search engines.